Gallery of Previous Work

On this page I will be posting images of previous projects together with a little explanatory text.

This is the first complete suit of armour that I made in around 1990. Although a degree of re-working of certain sections of the armour have taken place from time to time, it is essentially much as it was originally. Here a satin finish is produced by using very fine abrasive paper and wire wool. I feel I have moved on quite a lot since making this armour and am really not pleased with it - to the point that it no longer has house room and is relegated to the back of the work-shop. (any offers would be considered - otherwise I might put it up on e-bay).

The next two images show a painted armour modelled on examples dating from mid to the end of the sixteenth century.

The design of the next full harness was again taken from examples dating from around the end of the sixteenth century. The finish here is produced by using a black graphite-based compound - applied quite thinly with a cloth dampened with white spirit. This is allowed to dry and then buffed with wire wool. Once again this was made some time ago and I intend to carry out extensive re-working of sections of this armour throughout the summer of 2006.

The same finishing technique was used on the 'pot-helm' in the next image. This form of helm was in use during the fifteenth century and, due to it's weight, was almost certainly only intended for the joust or tilt. It is shown here complete with crest, wreath and mantling. The same crest is shown in the stained glass window - here atop a barrel helm.

pot helm with crest

A Medieval armour in the Gothic style similar to that shown in 'Project 1' and the armour from 'Project 2'. The Gothic armour should really have a sallet and bevor rather than an armet - an anomaly I intend to rectify.

The armour from Project 2

The painted armour with re-worked cuirass

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