The front tassets

The front tassets are essentially the same as the rear, being articulated plates capable of 'riding up' in the front, which would have been necessary to allow the wearer to sit comfortably in the saddle. The upper three sections are each given a gentle doming by hammering over the steel ball with the rubber hammer ( as shown in Fig. 9 on the previous page ). Fig. 12 shows the top three pieces of the front tassets articulated and fitted to the bottom of the cuirass.

Fig. 12

The side plates are now fitted - as before these are riveted directly to the plates above at the side, whereas at the front they are attached to a strip of leather ( as shown in Figs. 13 & 14 ). This has the effect of giving a greater degree of flexibility whilst at the same time hiding the rivets, which gives a smoother, unbroken line from the cuirass.

Fig. 13Fig. 14

The lower plates of the front tassets are cut out next, Fig. 15 shows the shears being used to cut out the steel ( the cardboard pattern can be seen in the backgroung on the stump ).

Fig. 15

In the following sequence of photographs ( Figs. 16, 17, 18 ) we see the detailing being applied to the inner aspect of the plate, the outer aspect prior to polishing and polishing the piece on the lathe.

Fig. 16Fig. 17Fig. 18

Finally the pieces are assembled and Fig. 19 shows the completed front tassets.

Fig. 19

On the next page we will be starting work on the leg defense.