The gorget or neck defense

The gorget is intended to protect the neck and form an unbroken sweep of plate armour from the top of the cuirass to the helm. It is constructed in two sections, back and front, each being made up of two pieces. The larger of the two front pieces is shown in Fig. 75 after shaping and before being polished. The lower border has been turned in along it's edge by gentle use of the rawhide hammer over the anvil horn - which gives the impression the plate is thicker than is actually the case. The upper border is flared out and drilled ready to be fitted to the collar.

Fig. 75

Fig. 76 shows the same piece of plate armour from the inside -

Fig. 76

- and in the next image ( Fig. 77 ) the piece has been polished and is ready to be fitted to the upper section that will form the front of the collar.

Fig. 77

The back is constructed in much the same way as the front and Fig. 78 shows the completed gorget in place atop the cuirass.

Fig. 78

I had to include a shot of my occasional visitor to the work-shop - I think she feels I'm neglecting her spending so much time here!

Although this is where she prefers to spend her time!

The armour is now almost complete. The final pieces to be made are the besagues or rondels which provide added protection for the upper arm. This link takes you to the next page which shows the construction of the besagues.

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